0 Followers. I Guess That’s What Could Possibly Go Wrong

What My Spotify Playlist Told Me About Marketing

Deacon Blues, Mr. Big Stuff, the Theme From the Rockford Files. A
ll songs from my Spotify playlist titled what could possibly go wrong? (purposely named in lower case to make it edgy, sigh).

Like about 100 million other people, I created a Spotify account and curated like a badass. One song led me to another, then another, and before I knew it—two years actually—there were over 500 songs.

As my personal Facebook account will expose, I’m a reluctant sharer. My last update was a “like” that I spent some time debating. But one cold night, after one cold beer (followed by the remaining cold beer), I decided the time had arrived to hit the toggle switch. Turn my private playlist public; invite the world in!

Then I realized my playlist was already public. It always had been. I rubbed my eyes more than once, trying to focus on the number 0 beside my followers. It took a while for me to accept the blow.

0 followers. That's what could possibly go wrong
0 followers. I guess that’s what could possibly go wrong.

Later that evening, possibly through a tear, I noticed a banner across the top of the app with some featured playlists. “This is Drake,” This is Post Malone,” “Cafe Montreal,” “Soft Tracks For Quiet Moments.” All had several million followers, and all were specific. Mine was as random as an orphan sock drawer.

What’s the point? Well, realtors are marketers. We market the homes we have for sale on behalf of our hard-working clients, but we also market our services to the public. The most successful Realtors do both well. If we can’t find new business, we’ll dry up.

This website, my website, was all written to be specific. I’m not trying to be everything to everyone, and some people will look at me and take a pass. That’s ok.

It’s my bet there are enough people out there that value good information, connection, honesty, respect and gratitude that I can run a successful business.

If you’re getting ready to buy or sell a home and find the information on my website helpful, I’d welcome the chance to join you on your mission.



I think I’ll pare my playlist down to about 20 songs with a girl’s name in the title. I’ll bet I can get a follower or two. As a matter of fact, here’s a track with a girl’s name in it from what could possible go wrong? 

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