Hey, I’m Curtis, and I’ve Been a Full-time Realtor® 

 in regina since 2009

Hey, I’m Curtis, and I’ve Been a Full-time Realtor® in Regina Since 2009 

I’ve handled over 300 residential real estate transactions in Regina on behalf of doctors, lawyers, plumbers, flippers, seniors, retirees, first-timers, nervous buyers, anxious sellers, estates, out-of-province buyers, investors, average Joes, and so many more.


The brokerage I work out of is Realty Executives Diversified. We have a Regina office and a roster of over 30 agents.


I grew up in Regina and managed to stick around through the ’90s when it seemed like everyone was loading up for the mountains. It was a decision I’ve never regretted.


I used to “flip” homes, buying and selling around 20 of them. I tore them apart—souvenir scars on my knuckles—and put them back together.


I don’t judge. It doesn’t matter if you have a budget of 100k or 750k, a nice house or an unfortunate one. Whether you’re white, brown, young, old, single, or married. You want a better home, and I can help.


I don’t make people sign contracts they can’t get out of, and I don’t make promises I can’t keep. I tell people the good news, the bad news, and any other news they need to make important decisions.


Oh, and I still play rec hockey after all these years! The boys recently moved me down to the 4th line, which is strange because we only have 6 forwards (hold for laughter). Just kidding, although I have been taking some shorter shifts these days, I only stay out until the other team scores.



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