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This Tip is for the Dogs

As I wrote this, I was sitting at the kitchen table of an open house I was hosting in Harbour Landing. I was in an apartment-style condo meaning it has halls and an elevator. The great thing about this development is they allow pets. If you can’t stand pets, then I guess it’s the not-so-great thing about this development.

My open house happened to be happening in a ground floor unit with a sweet patch of grass just outside the living room window. For two hours, it was a steady stream of steady streams. Right.

The point, of course, when you buy a condo, you need to make sure the building is right for you.

This can mean spending extra time in the unit or just in the parking lot watching what’s going down. Is there heavy traffic? Are dogs peeing on the front window? Do the people coming and going look like the type you can get along with?

If not, it’s time to consider a different development.

Once you move in, it’s too late.